Our production techniques


Composites based on glass fibre and carbon fibre can be produced by the following process techniques:

  • RTM light (Resin Transfer Moulding)
  • Vacuum Injection
  • Hand Lay Up
  • Spray Up

Together with you, our Engineering Department will search for the most reliable and most economic manufacturing solution in order to meet your performance and cost requirements. The selection of the production process is determined by the anticipated series size, part design, and specific structural considerations.

Production Techniques | Indupol


Using a RIM-process (Reaction Injection Moulding) we are able to offer you polyurethane products with a wide range of thickness, size and hardness. There are possibilities to make your products immediately in the right colour, using in-mould coating technologies. Indupol uses PU for manufacturing components, foam seating and sandwich solutions. We produce composite parts with complicated shapes and different radii, fully injected with PU foam.

Polyurethane and structural coatings

PU can be used for an extensive range of applications. Indupol produces PU products that are impact-resistant, if necessary using a coloured in-mould coating. You will find applications in busses and coaches, trucks and mobile homes.

Composite interior parts for public buses can be coated with an extremely tough and wear resistant PU-coating, offering for the floor parts an anti-slip surface. This coating is among used on hybrid tram-buses in cities all over Europe.

Production support services

In order to offer our customers one-stop-shopping with possible plug & play solutions, Indupol disposes of different Production Support Services.

Wood department

Our Wood Department offers the craftsmanship needed to produce models, inserts and wooden packaging. These skills are the basis of many successful designs, and help you protect your precious parts during transport.

Metal department

Our skilled and well-trained craftsmen dispose of a variety of devices to cut, fold and weld metal parts that can be used as chassis extensions, inserts and fittings for the composite parts. Additionally, the metal parts can be galvanized or KTL-painted (cataphoretic painting). In addition, the Metal Department produces insert positioning frames, transport frames and mobile supporting and tilt frames for moulds.

Paint Shop

Composite parts can be painted in any colour, including metallic, textured and soft-touch paint. Painting composite parts requires specific knowledge and experience to ensure the right quality and consistency of the coating. Our well-trained craftsmen dispose of several state-of-the-art paint booths and ovens, and are able to paint parts up to 15 metres in length and 4 metres wide.

Adhesive Bonding Department

Working for the railway industry, Indupol has a separate Adhesive Bonding Department in line with EN 17460. Our skilled craftsmen are constantly supported by two trained EAS-engineers (European Adhesive Specialist), working in line with the highest requirements.

Assembly Department

Unlike other composite component manufacturers, Indupol has an extensive Assembly Department where we assemble complete products. We purchase the various components and take care of assembly and logistics for you. We have experience with the assembly of a wide range of products, from a folding tent trailer that we fully assemble including axles, brakes, electrics, etc. as well as the complete crew cabin for a MAN-fire truck.

Our goal is to offer you one-stop-shopping, delivering you a plug & play solution and to relieve you of all stress. You will benefit from cost savings, better turnaround times and just-in-time deliveries.