State-of-the-art composite cladding

We are specialized in the production of large-scale, innovative, state-of-the-art composite cladding for residential, corporate and governmental buildings that are subject to the most demanding performance specifications. Architects need the creative freedom to design a building to be esthetically pleasing, while still able to fulfill its purpose. Cladding is historically often executed in metal/aluminum (limited in shape and form) or stone and concrete (heavy and limited in shape and form).

High-quality composite cladding is easier to shape in more complex designs (such as double curved surfaces) and simple to maintain and gives your building a unique face and personality. Composites are a very safe material to use, due to the availability of fire-retardant resins and fillers. Our experience in producing the very large cladding units and delivering them just-in-time in the connected sequence to you on-site, will help you run a smooth construction project. We are happy to sit down with you and discuss the entire range of possibilities custom composite cladding can offer you.

Our strenghts

Sijthoff – The Hague | Indupol International
Sijthoff – The Hague

Handling and transporting composite cladding

Architects, contractors and real estate developers may decide to use composite cladding to allow for greater design freedom, which makes for truly beautiful buildings. We have a proven track record in not only providing the specified parts, but in becoming an integral partner in the entire building process. You can rely on the production and JIT (just-in-time) delivery of the right parts in the correct order. We take care of the entire logistical process, delivering your panels from our production facilities into the hands of the construction crews on-site. No matter what size or curving your cladding units have, we can handle both production and logistics.

Producing composite cladding often also means handling very large composite products and molds. We have produced cladding panels of up to 15 meters in length. We can advise you on the best way to mount the paneling and we can arrange all handling and logistics for you. Every cladding project is a custom process for us.

Eurojust – The Hague | Indupol International
Eurojust – The Hague

Freedom of visual expression - a safe and impressive look for your building

Do you want to produce even larger or more curves cladding panels, to create an impressive appearance? We are happy to discuss options with you. Safety in cladding materials is a concern we always address early on. We only use flame retardant composite materials, when producing cladding. We can advise you on the best available composites to safely use in cladding and compliant with building regulations.

Up Mountain – Amstelveen | Indupol International
Up Mountain – Amstelveen

Durable outdoor application in any color

Cladding is usually meant to last a lifetime. You need the composites to retain their functionality and appeal in all weather conditions. When you build a prison wall, the composite parts need to be able to withstand even more than just the rain and snow. Durability in every aspect is key. Indupol has also paint finishing systems with the latest state-of-the-art equipment available for applying colours in the best quality (gloss, matt or textured finish). We can offer you expert advice on the best, light-weight composite materials for the job.

Prefab sanitary units

Except for cladding, we also develop and produce complete prefab sanitary units for new and renovation projects, which offer you freedom by 3D design, a sturdy, easy-to-clean seamless surface for extra hygiene and a smooth assembly on the premises with a lot of time-saving during the construction works. We can deliver the prefab sanitary units, including taps for wash basins, shower taps and shower systems. The so called plug & play solution.

Our Services

1. Just-in-time, on-site delivery of composite cladding units; including special transport for extremely large units

2. Design and production advice on mounting composite cladding

3. Continuous coordination with the contractor, the façade builder and other involved suppliers such as steel builders, even using together one 3D-model

4. Making a full size mockup to avoid the unexpected

5. Advice on adjustable molds for production of cladding in different sizes, reduces production costs

6. One-stop-shopping for your plug & play solutions

Production techniques

We offer a range of production and finishing techniques for your FRP parts (Fiber Reinforced Polyester). Our personal approach and open communications make sure that we understand you and your business. We know how to make your composite parts.

You will be offered the best value for money, as we select the most suitable production method for every part in your order. We’ll take your estimated batch size, finishing and dimensioning requirements into account. Naturally, our finished composite products have the requisite properties such as strength, flexibility and durability.

We can use colored resins or paint the parts in any color you require. Our assembly line will combine the different parts and a wide range of additional fixings and fittings.

So, whether you want single composite parts or complete, assembled products, our facilities are experienced in making sure your project is delivered satisfactorily.