Light-weight and durable

FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polyester) and PU (polyurethane) body parts are a light-weight and durable option when designing and building agricultural equipment. Indupol offers you a wide range of composites with different mechanical and material properties for use in agriculture. We are fully equipped to handle both larger series and smaller custom batch sizes. Are you looking for a reliable partner to produce your 3D-designed body work? Contact us for more information and expert advice.

Our strenghts

Agriculture | Indupol

Durable all-weather composite parts

We make sure that the parts we produce for use in agriculture live up to your expectations. We help you select the combinations of resins, fibers and other additives to achieve the right properties of your parts. The composite parts need to be very durable and wear-resistant for use out in the field and on rough terrains in all-weather conditions.

Indupol is experienced in producing the typically large body parts with all the streamlined, curved and double curved surfaces. We are fully equipped to handle and ship the series of large and complex parts and deliver them directly to your assembly lines using customized product specific transport frames.

Agriculture | Indupol

Pre-assembly of inserts and other parts

Agricultural equipment usually has complex exteriors, with vents, handles and attachment points. To cater to the assembly lines of the complete equipment in your own factories, we can offer you the benefits of our own assembly department. We can add parts such as grilles, handles and cables in

our facilities. The parts you receive, are then ready for your own assembly. Naturally, the composite parts are all made-to-order.

Agriculture | Indupol

Post-production – drilling, milling and lathing

Materials are chosen not only for their properties, but also depending on the shapes you can produce at acceptable costs. Composites offer designers excellent freedom to design and produce the shape they need. Typically, doubly curved surfaces can be made of composites, where metal is more limited.

After molding, the parts usually need some post-production work, such as drilling, milling or lathing. We pride ourselves in the quality of our workshop. We know how important the strict measurements are in the assembly of agricultural equipment. That is why we make sure our finished products are well within your design tolerances. After drilling, milling and lathing the parts with the requisite layer composition, we then laminate or bond the assembly inserts in our certified adhesive bonding department according to DIN 6701-2 A2, so you can easily fix them to your products.

Our Services

1. Full-service transport and logistics; including customized product specific transport frames to preserve parts for ease of use in customer’s assembly line

2. Advice on design, weight, durability, cost optimization and FEM-calculations

3. Made to order polyester parts in every color, quantity, dimension and batch size

4. Just-in-time delivery

5. One-stop-shopping for your plug & play solution

Production techniques

We offer a range of production and finishing techniques for your FRP parts (Fiber Reinforced Polyester). Our personal approach and open communications make sure that we understand you and your business. We know how to make your composite parts.

You will be offered the best value for money, as we select the most suitable production method for every part in your order. We’ll take your estimated batch size, finishing, and dimensioning requirements into account. Naturally, our finished composite products have the requisite properties such as strength, flexibility and durability.

We can use colored gelcoats or paint the parts in any color you require. Our assembly line will combine the different parts and a wide range of additional elements, such as cables, handles and fittings.

So, whether you want single composite parts or complete, assembled products, our facilities are experienced in making sure your project is delivered satisfactorily.