24/2/2015 :  A promotional film of Indupol will be shown on business channel ‘Kanaal Z’ soon…

We have the pleasure to inform you that our company: Indupol International Department Arendonk, was shown in detail on the commercial business channel  ‘Kanaal Z’
‘Kanaal Z’ has chosen to make a promotional film of our workmanship and qualities, by the fact that Indupol International is a leading company in Industrial polyester and composite materials.
The episode was broadcasted in February. 

You can find the infomercial here.

23/09/2014 : Some pictures of our stand 217  in  Hall 5.1  at  INNOTRANS  Berlin .

beurs berlijn

The Indupol booth at the Innotrans had a very active appearance and has resulted in many positive comments. Without exhibiting products we succeeded in giving a perfect picture of the Indupol skills. The booth was an absolute example of unconventional and highly innovative exhibiting.


12/9/2014 : Visit us at  INNOTRANS  Berlin from  23 to 26 September.


Image of our stand at InnoTrans

Image of our stand at InnoTrans

22/11/13 : Indupol participates to EU innovation project.

Project full title : ‘High productivity manufacturing process of composite parts based on zero emissions fast curing coatings and heated molds’.  More information can be found on the dedicated website of the project

31/10/13 : Indupol acquired IRIS certification and got DIN6701-A2 certified.

This week, we completed  a successful IRIS audit performed by SGS.  Along  with our  ISO9001 & ISO/TS certificates, it proves our ongoing efforts to delivery continuous quality to several market segments.

Besides that we invested past months in a training for 2 EAS and 4 EAB employees to achieve the DIN6701-A2 bonding certification. This allows us to deliver composite (body)parts with high reliable bonded inserts to our customers.

11/10/13 : Today, the ‘Indupol One’  reached the finish in  Adelaide

After a race of 3000km , the Indupol One passed the finish line in sixth position. From the start on, it was an exciting race  in which 4 teams – Nuon(NL), Tokay(JP),  Twente(NL)  and Stanford (US) were clearly a bit stronger than our Solar Car, so it became a team-to-team fight with the Solar Energy Racers (CH) for the fifth place until the last kilometers . Unfortunately 2 flat tires took the team too much time so they had to let go the Swiss Car.Nevertheless we are very proud of the efforts the whole team performed during the last thrilling days of this two-year during project to defend our colours.


Some very nice action pictures can be found on their Facebook page 

More details and some photos can be found on the Punch Powertrain Solar Team site.


28/3/13 : Indupol  incorporates Bekro Composites

Bekro-nv-klein1-300x89As of 29 March, Bekro Composites, an IRIS-certified Belgian company specializing in polyester body parts for the railway sector,  will be incorporated into the Indupol International Group. This acquisition is consistent with Indupol’s strategy of investing in a greater market differentiation..  Read More…


In the picture

Belgian Solarteam 2013

solarwagen 4

The Belgian Solar Team is a biannual project of a group of Engineering students from Group T – University of Leuven. This summer they‘re going to participate for the fifth time in the ‘World Solar Challenge®’ in Australia with a fully solar powered vehicle.  The previous teams were supported by Indupol with knowledge and raw materials.  Additionally we gave those teams our infrastructure at their disposal so they could use our cutting robot for cutting the carbon to perfect size, the milling robot for the production of models and moulds and our paint booths for applying the final coating.

This time, we increased our participation and became main sponsor because we strongly believe in the future of solar energy.  Read More…

Complete Solutions

All designs and new concepts are products of a creative mind.  For many years, we have helped our customers to create challenging ideas and complicated shapes into the suitable composites. Click  here  to see what we have realized for our customers in the


Our Approach

During the whole process, we follow guidelines prescribed under ISO/TS, APQP and the Quality Control Plan. We identify all safety and critical requirements before the development process is started, thus ensuring that all customer demands are met. The critical milestones are then set accordingly to ensure we are still on the right track.