Production Installations


Our production facilities combine the know-how of our craftsmen with an up-to-date automated infrastructure.
This way we can handle large production amounts as well as smaller series.

As the moulds are the most valuable production tool when manufacturing composite products, they are kept in a perfect condition in our ‘model and moulds’-departement.
If a production order has ended, we are able to offer the customer some storage space in a separate warehouse to store the moulds in optimized shape.
In our aim to realise ‘added value’, Indupol owns automated toolings and equipment to create all kinds of inserts : foam and wooden boards, metal mounting parts, cut to size insulation mats etc.

Gelcoat installation Traffic Boards

installaties hal 9This table (18 m x 5 m) is used by the gelcoat robot to apply gelcoat on large flat products. The table is used to produce e.g. large traffic signs for the Belgium market, in various colours and in sizes up to 16 m x 4.5 m.




Gerber Cutting Robot

installaties gerbercutter1This computer-controlled Gerber glass cutting machine offers benefits in terms of costs, improved glass cutting and more precise tolerances. We can cut up to 15 layers of glass at once and can even cut other materials.




Gelcoat Robot

installaties gelcoatrobotThe gelcoat robot applies the gelcoat equally in the desired thickness, and eliminates human errors. This way of applying gelcoat means less overspray, fewer emissions and consistent quality.





Milling Robot

installaties freesrobotWhen precise tolerances are required, Indupol can use a milling robot for improved repetitiveness and consistent quality in product dimensions.






Belotti 5-Axis Milling Robot

installaties belottiThe Belotti is used to mill models and, in case of large serial products, can be used to realise completely finished products by working on e.g. holes, edges, finishing, etc







Paint Shop

production paint shopPainting composite products requires a lot of specific knowledge and well-trained employees. Indupol is able to paint products in a variety of colours. We have access to 3 spray booths and 3 curing ovens.








Metal Punching Machine

installaties pons nippelWe are able to make our own metal inserts for composite products. Maximum dimensions are 2500 mm x 1250 mm and we can punch materials up to 3 mm thick .