Indupol guides the customer through the entire process,  from concept to realization of the final product. A team of qualified engineers is responsible for meeting customer-specific needs:

3D tekening

Visualisation of the design

A new product always starts with an idea, of which we create a 3D impression. Even at this early stage, our engineers carefully study the design to examine its feasibility for future production.





2D tekening

Technical 2D drawings

Dimensions, tolerances and other product information are defined in 2D drawings. Technical drawings must be approved by the customer and must incorporate all product requirements.




Technology FEAFEA Strength Calculations

With regards to the strength and stability of the relevant product an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) is the next possible step. An FEA is an effective tool for  optimizing the product construction .




technology material testingMaterial Tests

Material tests are carried out upon request or in specific cases. Examples include strength, UV and chemical resistance, bonding, fire resistance, etc.





modelbouwModel & Mould Construction

Once the design has been approved, one then encounters the most critical step. This involves creating a so-called ‘mother model’, which a milling robot then uses to take one or more negatives (moulds). Some of our best craftsmen are involved to ensure the model is a perfect replica of the initial design. Once the Quality Department has approved the model, the
moulding phase will start and will result in the first mould being created, which will again be subject to approval by the QD.  In some cases, like automotive projects, we organise a PPAP procedure for the model and/or mould for the customer



technology prototypingPrototype and testing

Before serial production starts, a prototype is made so validation tests can be done by us and/or the customer to ensure that
requirements have been fulfilled. How the product fits is an important issue to examine at this stage.



technology packagingPackaging, transport and logistics

If necessary we can develop an economical transportation bracket to avoid damage during transport. Indupol has the
competence and know-how to develop custom-made transportation frames.